Message from Group CEO

Printcare is a relatively small company but is committed to sustainable value creation, for its shareholders and varied stakeholder groups. We recognize that as a leading printing and print services company globally we have a responsibility to establish a benchmark for sustainability. We believe that business acting as businesses not charitable donors are the most powerful force for addressing the pressing issues we face.

Sustainability for business is an optional imperative and strategic opportunity in the face of more stringent regulations imposed by Governments both in the country where goods and services are purchased and in the country where they are delivered.

Consumers themselves are demanding products that support the ecology and have longer life cycles and more value. It is clear that Companies that embrace this change will position themselves for continued growth in tomorrow's economy, reap the benefits, and find themselves in a position of leadership.

At Printcare, we do not wish it to be merely a program or a set of good intentions, but a set of behaviors and actions that are integrated with the business strategy of our Company and reflected in our culture. We believe sustainability is the growth opportunity of the 21st century, but we don't think it's just about being "green". It's about rethinking how the world works and finding smarter ways to do the simple actions that make up our daily lives. We recognize that societal needs not just conventional economic needs, define markets, and social harms can create internal costs for firms over the long term.

We are aligning our policies and operating practices in such a way that they enhance the competitiveness of the company while simultaneously advancing the economic and social conditions in the communities that we operate in.

At Printcare, we are working towards a more sophisticated form of capitalism, one imbued with a social purpose, a purpose that will arise not out of charity, but out of a deeper understanding of competition and economic value creation.

CEO | Printcare Group

Rethinking how the world works and finding smarter ways to do the simple actions that make up our daily lives.